Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Fighting Spirit was formed in west java , a small neigbourhood on the banks of a suburban river which flows through the heart of Bandung, a quiet and regal city On the 1 june 2007, Fighting Spirit consisted of a couple of hang out partners ; Agi, K-zoom, Zrex and chus. All of which agreed upon creating their very own special brew of song " xScampx". a mix of Hardcore and Punk. As time went by, the boys played gig after gig.
Fighting Spirit are youthcrew hardcore bands influence by bands like Come Back Kid,Youth Of Today,Gorilla Biscuits,Stretch Arm Strong,Second Combat,Blind To See,Take A Stand,Under 18, and many more. Fighting Spirit stands for One More Fight which empowering communities who live to constantly fight drugs abuse and misued power of the authority.

Band Member :


xZakax - Vokal
xAgie Giantarax - Guitar
Mark px - Bass
Diki Dewantara - Drum